Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Great White Ninja

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  1. Blue Sky huh? That's great! I would love to work there just for the sake of living in New York for awhile. I hope you have a lot of great artists to work with. What do they have you doing over there?

    I'm doing okay. Living at home in LA searching around for work. I'm trying to better my portfolio in the meantime. I'm still on the look out for an internship somewhere if it would mean just getting my foot in the door until my porfolio is ready. Hopefully things will change soon.

    Keep in touch man.

    Take care, Vi.


  2. awesome. ninja. never fails to make my day, vi. NEVER!

  3. hahahaha! Awesome. Liz is going to like this one, and this is Joel's favorite actor. Hahahaahahahahaha!!!!

  4. I love really very much your work

  5. i think this might be what austin looked like when he was younger. remember the photos we saw of him when he was a portly middleschooler? kind of looked like chris farley.

    if austin is reading this... hey austin.

    anyway, great drawings. i love the colors you're using these days. i still can't figure out how to get my colors the way i want them. i tried painting yesterday and it was embarrassing.

  6. Portly? You mean FAT? You mean when Austin was FAT, ROUND, and ROTUND? Yeah, I remember those photos.

    Hey Austin.

  7. Sweeeeet stuff Vi-Dieu Nguyen. Sweet stuff indeed! How's Nueva York?! Send me a t-shirt!