Sunday, November 05, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Winged Monkey from "Wizard of Oz" I just realized this is the exact same drawing as "Quako." I am a self-plagiarizer.


  1. Fantastic picture, Vi! I'm a big fan of OZ, and especially the flying monkeys (have a painting of them on my own blog from ages ago you might wanna check out, although they're the flying MONKEES!)

    In meantime, keep up the awesome work, mate, and do call by then blog proper.


  2. Vi, your stuff is awsome. You are missed on the west coast.

  3. Awesome! I like how his legs are really spindly (is that a word?)

    Hey Vi,
    Just curious, what are you up to nowadays? I saw in your profile that you're living in New York? Sounds pretty sweet. Are you working in animation out there?

    Take care man.

  4. self-plagiarizer? or...auteur?

  5. Thanks for the inspiration vi, i know i can always count on you.