Thursday, May 24, 2007

Deformed Sorcerers

A drawing challenge that Austin Madison and I came up with for each other. The assignment: do character designs for the following theme: Deformed Sorcerers. I came up with "Deformed" and Austin came up with "Sorcerers" (shows a lot about our interests , huh?). Check out Mr. Madison's sorcerers for a more "colorful" take on the subject:


  1. Hehe, I love 'em Vi! You really know how to make a black shape pop. I especially love the first one and the last two!

  2. I'm all about adding a maiden having her skirt lifted up by the mage in Drawing Four. Then again, that's my solution to everything.

  3. Yeah man, I think a lot of people are getting interested in our little assignment. Your designs have inspired me. I'm pumped for another week of sorcery!

  4. these are great!
    They're so funny and twisted!
    I like the first and the third one the best!