Friday, April 04, 2008

Sad Flock

One of the nice things about these blogs is that we get to learn from each other by looking at one another's work, and by reading what everyone has to say about them. The "comments" feature is nice too, because we get to have a glimpse of what viewers' reactions are to these drawings.

Now I discovered, fairly recently, the "polling" feature for Blogger and thought maybe that's another way to learn from the audience. With that said, I have a poll about this drawing that I would love for you all to participate in.

For some of you, these characters may be familiar - if you look to the left-hand column, there should be a question: "What are the sheep sad about?" Please pick the best answer(s) - you can pick more than one - according to your initial gut reaction.

Much obliged.



  1. Because the sheep are wool, they can only go into the lake while it is a certain temperature. They made the long hike out in the morning, but mid afternoon, the cold rain fell. As did the herd's spirits.

    On another note, the composition is sweet. Space is time.

  2. The sheep are at summer camp and this is the day that they all have to take that stupid swimming test to be allowed to take part in water activities (like canoeing and water skiing.)

    *Nobody* likes the swimming test to begin with, but today it's all rainy and that's making the lake really cold and gross. I'd be bummed out too.

  3. I can't wait to see more of your sheep flock short film.