Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love Drawing Games

What better way to pass the time among friends than by playing drawing games? These are quite silly, but I find them amusing. The first page on the left is a "Cute Off" as Austin likes to call it - we take turns seeing if we can top each other in drawing something painfully cute. It got grotesque real fast. The second page is a game we'd draw one part of an image, cover it up, and pass it to someone else. Then we'd surprise ourselves by uncovering the monstrosity we've created. These drawings are by Austin Madison, Pat McHale, Amalia Levari, and myself.


  1. Sock puppet and caterpillar on the perv leaf get my vote. And maybe some love, too.

    It must've been tough to avoid using the big watery eyes.

  2. That's so dead on Kyle! Watery eyes sells it.

    Thanks for picking out your favorite. I personally loved the cat in the apple.

  3. "Perv leaf"! hahahah
    My vote goes to Kitty Appleton as well. I'm going to have to find and scan in the original Cute-Off with Adrian's Southwest Airlines logo. Offensively cute.

  4. That is a great game. I used to play one like that with my sister back in the day.

    My new alternative is letting my son draw a random swiggle and trying to draw something from it. It is also a fun game.

  5. oh no, i bet that cute little fly made a cute little mess in that cute little fan :(

    yes, josh that reminds me, we played mr. squiggle as kids, great game! telephone pictionary's another ripper of a drawing game.

  6. it's all awesome but i especially enjoy the tiny hand-holding, lolli-wielding daisies.