Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coraline in LA Times

LAIKA is starting to roll out media packets for its upcoming film, Coraline. It's even showcased in the LA Times. So far, all of us here at the studio is excited about the film because it looks different from your run-of-the-mill contemporary animation fare - it's stop-motion, it has a very "hand-made" quality without looking cheap, and it looks slightly too surreal and creepy for a general audience. Now I personally didn't have any part in it, but the film is important to me because it will set the tone and expectation for future films that will come out of the company. (Or course, it's also important for the studio for financial reasons). This affects the difference between me drawing things that are pushed and wild for a living, and drawing things that are tired and generic. Hopefully, this tone I'm hoping for will reflect quality and provide a good alternative to the other players on the feature animation court. On top of that, I can really use the work. -v