Saturday, January 24, 2009

Watch Coraline!

Opens everywhere February 6th. Mark your calendars! Imagine all the greatest living stop-motion animators all working on one ambitious project (almost the exact same animation team from 'Nightmare Before Christmas.') This film is the end result. My pals Julian Narino, Kim Slate, and Ben Adams - along with many other talented craftsmen - worked on it, while I toiled away in another part of the studio as the film was being finished. LAIKA gave us a preview screening and I must say that we were all impressed on one level or another - it truly feels like the work of artists who obsess over detail (for better or for worse - you decide), rather than another product that caters to the demands of the market. It's a little too weird, a little too dark, and a little too off-putting for any one demographic, and I think anyone who's a real fan of animation or anything interesting would appreciate it and should really check it out. Enjoy!