Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mutant Sea Monsters

I love creature designs, especially the ones for movies. Austin introduced me to Iain McCaig's artbook, Shadowline, which is extremely inspirational to me. McCaig is probably best known for his work on the "Star Wars" prequels, but he's done a ton of stuff for movies in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Monsters and creatures will always have a special place in anyone who loves cinema, animation, comics, and anything cool. I like to add cracks , textures, and horrific elements to pump up the gross factor, and the sense that you can actually touch these things (and it would not be very pleasant to do so). These guys have a calamari-like and even "rectal" quality to them - two things I don't find very pleasant.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Now for something different

Alright guys. Thanks to everyone who's helped with getting back on board with my blog. I'm surprised anyone's still looking at this page considering how flaky I have been. Now I am aiming for consistency! These drawings are warm-ups for a new assignment I have at work. My drawings otherwise have up to this point suggested that I mostly do really pushed, graphic, and somewhat "flat" characters. But for this particular project, I'm required to do something a little more realistic, without sacrificing expressiveness. These are a couple of exercise drawings I did to get back in this mindset - they are drawn from a reference book full of old world etchings. A military man who looks kinda like Darwin:An angry boy:An angry boy with a funny hat: