Thursday, December 10, 2009

Straight from the Moleskin

I'm trying to get back in the habit of drawing all the time again, to the point where I'm almost completely oblivious to whether or not people are looking over my shoulder or not. These are the most recent entries in my sketchbook. I went to Vancouver, Canada a few weeks ago and sketched some of the nice people I met there. The lady in the middle was trying to give a lecture, but the cute little baby on the left couldn't resist being the center of attention, as many babies do. I try to make it obvious to everyone that I will be sketching from the get-go, so everyone will get use to the idea early on and be able to relax. When they eventually do relax, sometimes I catch nice little earnest moments, like someone leaning on his girlfriend's head. I went home over Thanksgiving break and my parents prepared a room for me with a big mirror slide-door - the kind that's used for closets. This was a cue for me to do some self-portraits. I always look pissed off because my eyebrows are so dark and point inward. But people tell me I otherwise smile a lot. Maybe I'm secretly trying to offset my natural pissed-off look. The following drawings were from a recent meditation course I attended. I tried to capture the vibe and ambiance I was feeling at the time.